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Who are we?

Founded by Espen Skogen and Simon Carley, former executives from JP Morgan and Royal Bank of Canada,  RocketFin are experts at Client Facing Technology. We provide expert advice to steer our clients through the project inception, initiative and design, and accelerate the journey to success through a team of experienced, expert developers. 

Espen Skogen

Director and Co-Founder

Simon Carley
Simon Carley

Director and Co-Founder

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Quality of our people

No matter how talented our client’s inhouse teams are, we believe they will benefit from the experience and expert knowledge of our lead practitioners. Whether it is helping clients to ensure the project is optimally designed at the outset, developing the understanding of the risks and benefit, estimating the resources required, or advising on a realistic project timeline, expert advice from seasoned practitioners helps sets the path to success.


Specialisation and strong relationships with OpenFin & our partners are at the core to our value proposition. Specialisation means knowing the vendor’s current and future capabilities, knowing where complexities and project risks arise, resolving project challenges before they become obstacles to success.


We offer simple and flexible contract of engagement, enabling our clients to accelerate project velocity or extend the scope and objectives with minimal paperwork, and minimal notice should our clients need to pause or cancel the project. Our invoices are simple and predictable.